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The book chapters and charts

Sounding the Depths of Leadership has 10 chapters: 

  1. Background to the quest to feel more alive

  2. Where to start to flex our image of leadership?

  3. Finding orientation (Navigation chart 1) 

  4. The need to organise, cohere and unify desires and ends (Navigation chart 2) 

  5. Making the experience of being more intelligible (Navigation chart 3)

  6. Embedding your awareness into the world as you are unfolding with it (Navigation chart 4) 

  7. Accessing, gaining clarity about, and giving expression to your sincerest wishes (Navigation chart 5) 

  8. Forging directionality within a world that you are emerging with (Navigation chart 6) 

  9. Feeling the agency of your telos actively in experience (Navigation chart 7) 

  10. Arriving at a distant harbour: Our 7 navigation chart voyage

Chart 3_edited_edited.jpg


Finding orientation with an image to go on inside of

This chart shifts away from ideas about the leader as a “hero”, and instead asks you to see a leader (such as yourself) as an ongoing accomplishment going on inside of an image that shifts your perception of yourself in relation to the concern. 

The chapter shares real world stories of executives and the images that have helped them become more resilient in the face of their own 'stuckness'. 


Organising, cohering and unifying desires and ends

Navigation Chart 2 is about the search to organise your own configurations of 'goodnesses', relevant virtues, and the overall narrative of pursuit of purpose (telos). When done well, it produces a felt congruence, and a more consistent and integrated life. It also minimises stubborn, unproductive inclinations and undue internal noise. The result is a greater capacity to find pleasure in virtue, and develop character needed to endure pain when it is appropriate. 

Chart 2.png
Chart 4.png


Embedding your awareness into the world whilst unfolding with it

Navigation chart 4 proposes that it is useful to see our momentary existence as an ongoing process of oscillating through different states of being (events or experiences) on an on-going basis. If we are able to observe and make sense of our moment-by-moment existence and systematise these experiences using the chart, we become able to 

evolve our leadership style and experience the ongoing present as meaningful.


Striving for authenticity

Navigation chart 5 describes the sources and practices to uncover how you might access, gain clarity about and give expression to your sincerest wishes. It develops the skill of seeing holistically the events, practices, and experiences of the sources of desires that shape our journeys toward a more original experience of the world. It also explains how to notice the quest for authenticity unfolding in yourself. 

Chart 7_edited.jpg
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